Our Friends

Rick and Fabi
September 15, 2012

I know Rick and Fabi well. Not as well as Boyfriend though, they are what you might call “his friends.”  When I heard they were getting married I was pretty excited to be a guest at a wedding. Then they asked me to help with the planning and I was even more excited.


Working with clients helping them to plan the wedding is a very intimate experience. We discuss money, family dynamics, health concerns and personal style to name just a few of the topics that come up. You see, to build a relationship with a client is to ensure a wonderful wedding. The more the wedding planner knows, the more they can anticipate the needs and wants of the bride and groom. The wedding planner really becomes an integral, personal part of the wedding experience. By the time the wedding day comes, I can anticipate that the bride will love the way the guest book is set up, but dislike the family photos display and rearrange it without calling her. I can anticipate that the mom will want a Diet Coke when she arrives at the reception and have it waiting for her. This relationship translates to a beautiful, fun and stress free day of celebration for the bride and groom. During my time working with Rick and Fabi I really enjoyed  learning more about these friends. I learned how much Fabi loves her job as a preschool teacher and how much Rick loves a tasty red wine. After the whole experience, I like to think of Rick and Fabi as “our friends” not just “his friends.”

Rick and Fabi collage

Caterer: Hotel Terra
Ceremony Location: Mormon Row
Ceremony music: Isaac Hayden
Dessert: Friend
Florist: Floral Art
Hair and Make Up: Hotel Terra
Officiant: Rev. Paul Hayden
Photography: Friend/Atilla
Reception Location: Hotel Terra
Reception Music: Calle Mambo
Rental: Silver Bungalow
Wedding Coordinator: Events, Etc.


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