One Block Happy Hour Hop

A few weeks ago my friend from home came to visit. We have known each other since the fifth grade and have been on a lot of adventures together. So of course I had to plan an adventure for her last night in Jackson Hole. That is how the One Block Happy Hour Hop started.

Here is how to plan your own One Block Happy Hour Hop:

1. Map Needed
Most stores on the Town Square have free maps of the area. We headed over to Tobacco Row to pick up a map of the Town Square. They are also the only cigar and tobacco store in town, so if that is your fancy they can help you out.

2. Research
Go online and look up the happy hours of the local bars and restaurants. Make a list on your map of the hours and specials at each location.

3. Highlight
Get out your favorite color highlighter and highlight all the places you hope to patron.

4. Invite your friends
Adventures are always more fun with friends! People can come to some or all of the One Block Happy Hour Hop.

5. Enjoy Responsibly
Enjoy the summer evening with your friends. Be responsible and plan for a designated driver or call a taxi to take you home.

Extra fun:

Name your bar crawl
Initially we named our bar crawl the Happy Hour Hop. However, when we realized that we could only make it to a limited number of locations in the happy hour window we decided to just focus on the spots around the Town Square. Hence the new name One Block Happy Hour Hop.

Create a rating system
There was a lot of brainstorming prior to the One Block Happy Hour Hop about which icon to use as the rating. Should it be wine glasses, pint glasses, cowboy hats, the Wyoming cowboy or something else? A rating system is fun because it gives you something to get excited about at each location. We started the One Block Happy Hour Hop off without an icon chosen. Our first order of business when we all got together was to pick the icon. We all agreed that we liked the Wyoming Cowboy as our icon and the decision was made even more exciting when a friend informed us of this piece of trivia: The name of the cowboy is Mike Yokel. From then on we used the Mike Yokel rating system to rate the locations. Our rating system was three Mike Yokels.  One Mike Yokel was awarded for having a special on food, a special on drinks and outside seating.

Mike Yokel

Here is how our One Block Happy Hour Hop in action:

We went to Tobacco Row to get a map of the Town Square.

At home we researched happy hour specials and mapped out the route.

Adventures are always more fun with friends.

On our One Block Happy Hour Hop here is where we went and our reviews:

View from the Town Square Tavern’s Deck

One Mike Yokel for having outside seating.

Food and drinks on the deck at The Kitchen.

Three Mike Yokels for having food specials, drink specials and outside seating.

The bar at Local.

Two Mike Yokels for food and drink specials.

The Wort Hotel

Two Mike Yokels for outside seating and drink specials.

We actually got to The Wort after the happy hour specials, so we ordered dinner.

Elk Sliders

Of course we ended the night by safely getting home with a designated driver.


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