The Spectrum of Flowers

A couple of weekends ago I met with a few florists in Napa Valley and learned quickly the breadth of creativity that is out there. From the color scheme of the flowers, to the type of flowers, to the height and weight of the bouquet, all of these were just a few of the factors to decide on for yet another item on the wedding to-do list.

The hardest part of the whole decision process is that these flowers are only going to live and be apart of the big event for a few hours, and a day at most! It is very hard to weigh the price of this item on the wedding to-do list when this point is looked at.  The florists I enjoyed meeting with the most were the ones that had creative ideas for how to transition flowers used in the ceremony and use them for the reception also, without losing any creativity.

My advice for floral consultations:
1. Don’t meet with more than two florist vendors
2. Select those two florists based on recommendations (Yelp, Facebook, your venue’s preferred vendors list, ask your wedding planner, etc.) and from there base it on the most attentive florists- for example, the ones that call you back in a timely manner (it’s all about customer service and pleasing the bride!)
3. Ask questions and be creative!


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