Here Comes Summer

Hurray summer is in the air. One of the best parts about living in Jackson Hole is how close so many wonderful camp grounds are. Of course I can not give away all the local secrets, but I can tell you that last weekend we went to the very popular Granite Hot Springs campground. As luck would have it we were the only ones there, apparently they do not actually open until Monday. The campground host was getting the grounds ready and gave us a warm welcome.

While relaxing by the camp fire that night I started thinking about summer.

There are 14 days until the first event, 49 days until the first and second weddings, 119 days until the last wedding, 133 days until the last event and so much in summer to enjoy in the middle. So I took a deep breath and looked around me, a reminder to why I moved to Jackson Hole.

Relaxing by the campfire thinking about summer.

Our dinner view from our camp site. Life is good.

In the morning (okay we slept in so it was more like 11:00am) we made biscuits in the cast iron skillet. A little butter and jam, they were as delicious as they look.


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