First Stop Napa

After months of eager anticipation to get the wedding planning started my fiancé and I finally made it up to beautiful Napa Valley to check out the reception site and potential ceremony sites.

We first stopped at Meadowood Resort in St. Helena to meet with the weeding coordinator and visit the actual space the big party and feasting would happen at. Meadowood is a beautiful resort with a simple style that is complemented by outstanding service. As we expected, the reception space was perfect with lots of customizable options but most importantly, a Michelin rated kitchen.

Next, we visited the various Episcopal churches sprinkled about the valley. The first church we visited was a simple but beautiful traditional church surrounded by vineyards at the end of a dirt road. The exterior was adorned white shingled wood planks and the interior had dark brown wood paneling. The church was unique and not something one comes across often in the modern fast paced world. Built in 1913 the church was old and perfect except it could only pack in 80 people and that was pushing it. Unfortunately, we are expecting about 120 if not more.

As the 90 degree day went on, we stopped at a few other Episcopal churches, all modern and large (200+ seating). We wound up back at Meadowood to look into ceremony space at the resort. The resort, nestled in a canyon with natural beauty all around the property, had a few options for an outdoor ceremony- one of them being on the fairway between two ponds under a willow tree (very picturesque).

Modern Episcopal Church in Napa

At the end of the day, we had a date and reception space but no ceremony space. And the predicaments of modern versus traditional, guest comfort versus accommodating all, arose. The more wedding details planned the more everyone had their opinion about how the wedding should be played out (whether they’re paying for it or not), but it comes down to the bride and groom and what they want. And so the wedding planning begins….

Traditional Episcopal Church in Napa


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