Cheers to the First Blog Post!

So here I am, writing the first entry for the blog. I think I deserve a bottle of champagne. Not just because I love champagne, but because it means celebration. When ever I meet a potential bride client for the first time I bring her a bottle of champagne. Why do I bring the champagne? She has a lot to celebrate! She is getting married, she is planning a huge event and she is about to live happily ever after.

I also like to pretend I am crafty. See those tags? I made those. Well I didn’t make the paper, paint the images or punch the holes. However, I did spend time collecting cards from every holiday, scraps of paper, vintage labels and anything cute or inspiring and stash them in a box. Then I carefully cut my collection apart and stylishly attach them to the shipping labels. The final touch is a personal note to the client I am about to meet.

What do you have to celebrate? Pop a bottle of bubbly, because everyone has something to celebrate and be sure to follow this blog!


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